Introducing GLAM

GLAM (formerly the "UK Mensa GaySig") is an independent group for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) members of Mensa (the high-IQ society) and their partners. We have about 40 members throughout the UK, with some overseas members.

Some of our members have their own websites.

We offer:

  • Monthly lunch meetings in members' homes, on the "teens" Sunday of each month.
  • Regular restaurant meetings in London (see the Diary)
  • Occasional theme weekends, in various parts of the UK or overseas
  • Monthly newsletter, with details of coming events, and articles submitted by members
  • The GLAM directory, available to members only, in which members who so wish can record their contact details and interests

For the time being, some of our meetings are being replaced by Zoom meetings.

See the Diary for details of forthcoming events.